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GU10D – Warm white - Dimmable

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In many ways, the GU10 LED is indistinguishable from conventional halogen spotlight bulbs. They both provide lighting from above, usually embedded in ceilings. Both are available with dimming capabilities that let you adjust the brightness up to your requirements. And they both come in two basic colours of light:

  • Warm whites for lounges, hallways, and bedrooms
  • Cool whites for kitchens, home office, and bathrooms

However, there are two important advantages that our GU10 LED’s have over halogens:

  • Energy savings. The GU10 spotlight uses up to 90% less power to achieve the same level of brightness. Whereas halogens emit most of their energy as wasted heat, these LED spotlight bulbs direct all of their power towards lighting
  • Longevity. The average expected lifetime of conventional halogens is about 2,000 hours. By contrast, the GU10 LED will continue lighting your home or business for the next 25,000 hours

Compared to other energy-saving bulbs like CFL’s (fluorescents), our LED solutions achieve maximum brightness the instant you flick the switch. You’ll never have to wait for these bulbs to warm up, simply because they don’t warm up. As an added benefit, the GU10 LED doesn’t emit harmful UV or infrared radiation – only visible light.

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