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Candle LED Filament bulb E27

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There’s nothing like the soft glow of chandeliers or wall-mounted candles. But if you fill these fixtures with incandescent bulbs, that beauty comes at a price. This is because most of the energy consumed comes out as wasted heat – not light.

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of using CFL (fluorescent) replacements. But, these energy-savers rarely capture the warmness you’re looking for.

If this sounds familiar, you might be interested in the LED Candle Filament bulb – a new lighting solution that offers the best of both worlds.

It looks exactly like a traditional incandescent candle light bulb, complete with the transparent casing and signature filament. However, the LED Candle Filament consumes up to 90% less electricity than conventional bulbs, and these savings really add up. Over the next 10 years, just one of these LED replacements can save you £120.

And trust us, these bulbs really do last that long.

The secret behind the LED Candle Filament’s success is the bulb’s unmatched power economy. It uses only 4W of electricity to produce the same lighting output of a 40W incandescent bulb. This lower consumption prevents burnout, allowing the LED Candle Filament to last 15 times longer than traditional lighting alternatives.

Additional benefits of the LED Candle Filament

  • There is no warming up period. Each bulb achieves maximum brightness in a millisecond. But with dimming capabilities, you can easily adjust the lighting to match your mood
  • These LED bulbs come in two varieties. For bathrooms and kitchens, we recommend the Cool White option. For halls, bedrooms etc., you should try out the warm white version

Most importantly– your satisfaction is guaranteed.

In addition to five years of extended warranty coverage, we also provide a 30-day return policy. If you aren’t amazed by the beauty and savings that the LED Candle Filament provides, we’ll refund your money with no questions asked.