Sustainable Lighting: Making the most of lighting technology on the market

Sustainability in commercial and residential properties has been an increasing concern in the last decade, as businesses and property owners look to options to decrease energy bills and their impact on the environment.
The lighting world has been one market where innovation has been continuous and fast paced. Lighting has improved significantly in recent years by reducing the amount of energy required to run it as well as increasing the longevity of certain lights.
LED lighting has lead the way in lighting technology, cited as an easy fix to reduce energy consumption for any building. At Smart Lighting World, we have built our range to reflect the needs of the market and promote sustainability. Our range is beautiful lighting pieces built and design with beauty and longevity in mind to be an investment piece for your home to simple lighting accessories as adaptations to your current lighting.
shine 9 led lighting
We also stock smart bulbs options to adapt your current lighting to be more energy efficient. Our GU10 3W 4500k bulb will swim on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn to allow for efficient energy management in your home or commercial property. Lights left on at night in commercial buildings are often huge money wasters; for SMEs, cutting overheads are important to maintain profitability. Looking for options such smart bulbs can be an easy tool to reduce costs for your business.
Using sensor lighting to manage your energy usage on lighting can be an effective way to improve the sustainability of your building. At home, some people leave two or three lights on at night; smart lighting technology, such as the LED Night Light combine LED and sensor technology to provide a bright light that only comes on when necessary.
Numerous grants are available from local governments to support businesses in upgrading their offices with more sustainable lighting choices and there is plenty of material available to support your choices for upgrading the lighting in your commercial space. For residential properties, investing in lighting that uses less energy while looking stylish maybe be a great way to lower your electricity bill; the benefits of choosing sustainable lighting are numerous.
Commercial office led lighting

One more thing to consider when installing your new, sustainable lighting is where to install it. There are optimum locations to place the light to ensure maximum impact. This can be particularly important when investing in a more expensive lighting option.
For ceiling hanging options, choosing the centre of the room may not always be the most effective place to install lighting; assess your room, the arrangement of your furniture and position of the windows. It may be best to place your lighting in a location where fewer shadows will be cast thus improving the reach of each light in the room. The same considerations should be made for wall hanging and floor standing lighting. Making the most of each light in your room can really boost the atmosphere of the room, particularly when you choose to accentuate a particular lighting piece.
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